Friday, October 16, 2009

We will see ya'll again in a couple weeks

So as I type this, there are movers packing up the apartment. When I get home tonight there will be nothing left but my husband, the dogs, their crates and an air mattress. On Monday I will get to WeHo. I won't have a computer again for a couple weeks. I plan to use the time to relax but I admit I am a computer addict. I was also just getting into the swing of this blogging thing. I am sure I will have lots of stories and pictures to share when the girls and I return to the web!

I am leaving you all with a couple of my favorites :)




Tilly the Rescue Dog said...

See you soon girls,

Hope you soon settle in to your new home.

Safe journey!



Princess said...

Have a safe rest of the move! Seriously cute pictures! Wish I could see Princess in the waves like that!

Sam said...

You better come back soon! Best of luck with the move!

Bijou said...

I hope the move goes okay. We will be here when you get back to blogging. We know its alot of work, but have fun!


Life With Dogs said...

Good luck with the move - we will be waiting patiently! :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great move--It's hard work! Hope to see you back soon.

Miley said...

Ohhh your dogs are soooo cute, love the pics and your blog!!!

lotsa licks,