Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday

Apparently someone missed the memo that giving bunny ears was so 10 years ago...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not even close to wordless wednesday

What a crazy day we had yesterday. It started out when the bloggers over at Two Special Wires and White Dog Diary sent me this email:

OK out there I need help saving Eskie pup set to euthanized Wed. We'll adopt him;have a ride for him to ABQ. we need someone to go to LA Animal Control and rep us. LAAC says, we must go today with $100 (cash or check...I canPayPal you), a CA ID and put a hold on the dog. THEN they give a pickup date. Friends will drive from San Diego to get him and bring himbut can't do two trips to LA (Lancaster). HELP SAVE THIS BOY

I hemmed and hawed. I wanted to help but it is 70 miles from me and with LA traffic it would easily be 2.5 hours each way since I had to work first. I reached out to Alex (check out the cute sleepover pics) since I have yet to get a CA ID and said "are you up for a road trip to save this pup?" and of course she was ready to help. We were all set to go when we got a last minute email stating that someone closer to him would be picking him up. A small part of me was happy to not have to make the long drive but a big part of me was sad that I wouldn't be the person who got to pull him but in the end I knew he would be going to a loving home. To say the day was an emotional roller coaster is an understatement! Its reasons like this that I am not a foster parent because I was already attached to this pup I had never seen!

I am hoping all works out well as there were some last minute changes with the pup. Now I am off to hem and haw about how to break the big news....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bubble bath thief

After a long day at work and the gym (I am allowed to sit on the bike and peddle with no resistance) all I wanted tonight was a bubble bath. Mesa anointed herself the official bubble bath taster. Our bathroom door doesn't shut tight and Mesa uses her battering ram head to open it. She then walks up to the bathtub, looks all innocent before sticking her head into the tub and grabbing a mouthful of water and bubbles. Even when I tell her "No" she gives me this innocent look and then when I go to read my book she does it again. Before I know it I am almost out of bubbles so I decided to get out of the tub and what does Mesa do? She attacks my legs to lick the bubbles off! I tell her no, go away and turn to walk into my room to get changed and she sneaks up behind me and steals a lick!

I am officially living with a bubble bath thief.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What a weekend!

We had some big breakthroughs  this weekend. Check it out:


Baily and Big Carl also go to have sleepovers with our friend and favorite puppy sitter Alex. After hanging with us for dinner, she decided she needed some puppy snuggles so we loaned out the snuggliest of our dogs. It was very interesting to see how Baily and Mesa reacted the night they were apart since they hate being separated. It was also good practice for them!

We didn't send Mesa over since she is not good at all when it comes to being an only dog. Her first owners had locked her in a crate and did not socialize her so when we got her she didn't know how to be a dog. Mesa latched onto Baily and now is very dependent on her and latches onto other dogs if Baily is not around.

Can't yet speak about the "big news" but I will say that we aren't having a baby. Come on, I know some of you were thinking that!

Friday, February 19, 2010

So we made a visit to the ER Vet with Mesa last night

But all is well. She was just acting all blah like the past few days and then she started vomiting. So in we went. xRays showed nothing and blood work was excellent so for now we are just watching her food and keeping her hydrated. Here is Mesa trying to relax but we are being evil dog parents. (the snoring is Mesa)

a little different from this dog, no?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

so much catching up to do!

First a foot update. Went to the Dr. on Monday and was told it would be a minimum of another 6 weeks but it was healing better than he thought it would so I must be taking extra good care of it :)

Big Carl went to the vet on Tuesday. His badly healed back leg that they failed to tell us about? Well it is a total mess. The xRays that they sent didn't work so I had to go get new copies (somehow I am not surprised). After looking over the xRays we will probably have to get new ones and may need to operate.

We've recieved some wonderful awards! First we received the sweet friends award! Here are the ten things that make us happy :)
1. Baily- sleeping
2. Big Carl- Mesa's Jowls
3. Mesa- tennis balls
4. Baily- cuddling with humans
5. Big Carl- wrestling with Mesa
6. Mesa-Chuck It
7. Baily- licking anything and everything
8. Big Carl- cheese
9. Mesa- food
10. Baily-sleeping

We have way to many sweet friends to list just ten (and I know most of you already have this award!) so we would like anyone who doesn't have it to take it :)

We also received the Superior Scribbler award :)
We love this award since I really am a scribbler :) Again, I know that most of you have it so I would love to give this to my friends who don't already have this award.

There are also some potentially huge life changes coming up... stay tuned for more details

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Carls favorite chew toy

Mesa is possibly the most tolerant dog I know, though she does pin him at the end. Baily has stopped interfering with their wrestle sessions. And yes, it is very quiet. We don't like growls or barks so our dogs have all learned to wrestle silently :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

He is now ours

but because they keep hiding stuff from us we just learned about his formerly broken back leg that didn't heal correctly. Funny how nothing was said when we asked if they noticed he favored one of his legs.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's in a name?

So I was thinking the other night about how our pups got their names. Right now the girls have first and middle names while our little one only has a first name (though it is a two part name).

Baily Sue- Baily did not have a name when we got her from rescue. I originally wanted Bella but the DH didn't like it. For some reason the name Baily popped into my head and the DH decided on the spelling. Notice that there is no E :) we are very particular about that! Later that week we went to pick up our new sofa and I realized why that name was in my mind, we bought the sofa at Bailey's Furniture (yes we know the spelling difference)! I had started calling her Baily Roo because she bounced around like a kangaroo but our friends who watched her while we went out of town started calling her Baily Sue and it stuck.

Mesa Grace- Mesa came with her name from animal control. We thought about changing it but we loved the uniqueness and it seemed to suit her. After Mesa settled in we realized she was such a bulldozer and had no idea she wasn't a tiny dog. We started commenting on how "graceful" she was and she got her middle name.

Big Carl- So a couple weeks back we were watching TV and saw the add for the new "Big Carl Burger." The DH and I laughed and said it would be a great name for a small dog if we ever adopted one. 6 days later we met our little guy at the adoption event. He came with the name Cat (which we found out was short for Cat Von Dweezle) and have since learned that his name was Weasel at animal control. Eventually I am sure he will get a middle name :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Baily's Birthday

Happy 3rd birthday to my heart dog :) Remember when...

First morning home with us, she was only 7 weeks and how could we not fall for the face at the adoption event?

Monday, February 8, 2010

So proud of Mesa!

Mesa came in first place for Female Cracker Dog Insane Terrier over at Mango Minster . The minute I heard the title of the group I knew which pic to enter:
Now there was an accusation that I may have thrown the Mesa and not the ball but that is far from true

I am so proud of my Mesa Moose :) To celebrate her win we let her pick any seat in the house. Her first choice wasn't much of a success since it is Big Carl's bed:

We decided to give her a second try so she picked the pile of pillows on our sofa (we had thrown them up there while cleaning)


She was very comfy even once they started to swallow her up!

Mesa is looking forward to the next time we pull out the ball and let her be insane :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Its my 100th post!

Oh wow! And for your viewing pleasure: Mesa vs. the blanket... wait its just Big Carl

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I have some catching up to do

So first we have another great eBay find. Pee Pads! Those things are super expensive in the store but on eBay we got 300 for 35 bucks! Big Carl doesn't have the bladder capacity the big girls do and with my bum leg I can't get him out as often when the DH is home. He loves his pee pads though. He also doesn't like to tell us when he has to go, he is not very vocal at all so we always leave one out in the bathroom just in case.

I was give a beautiful award a couple weeks ago that I need to pass on!

This is an award from Tucker for the best dog blogs. I can't pick just a few so I give this to all my friends who don't already have it!

Last but not lease we have won Paw It Forward but need to give it out. So the first three bloggers who respond with a comment mentioning Paw It Forward will get a great gift! Please send me an email to the address in my profile. For those of you who don't know what Paw It Forward is, it is where you give a gift to three fellow bloggers to spread the blogging love once you have received a Paw it Forward gift! The beautiful pitties over at played this game last week and we were one of the luck three so we will have picks to post soon!

Congrats WeHo (West Hollywood)

I knew this was a great city to live in :)

while it does allow "humanely bred" animals to be sold it is a huge step in the right direction

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Big Carl Drama Continues

I have to say, there is a bitter piece of me that wants to stop this whole fiasco and find a dog at the shelter who needs us more but we love Big Carl so we keep on dealing.

So after we finally got documentation about his neuter (we will see what my vet has to say about that tomorrow) we signed the paperwork but could not find an mailing address. I looked over the 30 some odd emails that have been sent back and forth and did not see one. I also checked the contract and their website but came up empty handed so I emailed them back after they had yet again emailed me about the money. In response to my email asking for an address I got a reply in ALL CAPS yelling at me about not being able to find the address even though they had sent it a while ago and how they cant do anything else until they get their money.

Right now I am just livid. I mean I fostered this dog and didn't complain that they didn't pay for his food and care like is written in their foster agreement. At the time it was not a big deal because we did plan to adopt him but now its just another one of those little things that is eating away at me. There is a part of me that would not be in the least bit surprised if they tried to take him away after the fee was paid for some breach on contract. I will never adopt from them again and I am telling people to stay away from them.