Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mesa's new ball

So we walked to the dog park today. When we got there, no other dogs were present. I was so glad I thought to grab my chuck it! There are always loose tennis balls at the park so I grabbed one and started playing fetch with the girls. When Mesa got tired enough to not return the ball, I decided it was time to leave. After leashing up the girls, I realized that Mesa still had the ball in her mouth. Since it was really dirty I just left it figuring she would get bored and drop it at some point.
Close to home, we ran into my friend Alex. The girls had only met her once but Baily immediately remembered and was super excited. Mesa, close to a mile later, still had the ball in her mouth so she simply turned around and wagged her tail. The whole way home we had seen people smile and laugh whenever they saw Mesa happily parading her ball.
After arriving home I figured Mesa would finally part with the gross ball but instead she decided to take a nap with it. Maybe if she sleeps hard enough I can nab it without her noticing and clean the thing? Or better yet I will just wash it with Mesa when she gets a bath tonight!
Here are the girls napping with the ball :)


Kembree said...

If those were my boys, and one dropped it, the other one would have it in his mouth and vice versa back and forth...back and much all balls have to stay outside! :)

Bijou said...

Hi Girls,

I'm glad to see you are settled in your new home and are back to blogging. I would like living in California too cause I hate snow! BOL

When mom took us to the dog park in Omaha, there were a few t-balls lying on the ground. Mom thought I would be all over 'em, but after sniffing each one, I left them alone cause they were covered with some other doggy's slobbers!


Dory and the Mama said...

Good luck nabbing it...Dory can tell when I take anything (toy, bone) close to her when she is sleeping.

Tilly the Rescue Dog said...

Hey Kari,

We have a couple of ball huggers in our pack too. Charlie and Cassie will both carry a ball for miles. It's so nice to see you back again and hope you and Baily and Mesa are settled in your new home.