Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I wish I could live my life more like my dogs

Think about it. The dogs are always happy to see you whether you have been gone for 5 days or 5 minutes. They have the ability to forgive anything. They don't judge you based on what you look like but instead on who you are. Once they get to know you they are a friend for life no matter what.

I guess I am just having one of those days.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if it were run by creatures who never pass up the opportunity for a good snuggle? (in this case Baily snuck in on a sleeping Mesa after they had spent a couple days sleeping apart)


Princess said...

It's hard to tell where Baily ends and Mesa begins?!

Kari in Redwood City said...

I promised my husband next time we would try not to get a white with dark brindle dog

Sam said...

What an adorable picture!

Yes, a dog's life is a pretty darn good one. They look like they're enjoying themselves!

Tilly the Rescue Dog said...

You girls look so cute. Come on over and see yourselves on my blog today at

You're my featured friends from round the world this week.

Kari, hope you don't mind but I lifted some info from your blog on the girls to tell everyone about them.

Lots of love


Miley said...

What a great pic and blog!!! You two girls are so cute!!! Looking forward to following you on all your adventures!!

lotsa licks,

Bijou said...

Hi Girls,

You two make me wish I had a sister.