Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coffee Talk with Big Carl

Something about this pics makes me think he is waiting for you to ask a question that he can answer:

and shockingly he is not ON TOP of Baily in this pic!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An uneventful weekend

We didn't make it to the beach this weekend. We decided to go to America's Pet Expo instead. It was huge, and lots of fun. There was a whole area for pets that need adopting. A couple hundred dogs easily. Almost all of them puppies. I think all the rescue groups and shelters though they had a better chance of adopting them out so they brought all the puppies they could find. Benny and Lily were there for French Bulldog Rescue but sadly were not at the booth when we stopped by :(

We recently bought a pop up crate thinking the big ones would want a place to escape from BC. Also, Mesa keeps trying to get into BCs crate (her head doesn't even fit in the door). Here is a pic of Baily not being a fan of me interrupting her relaxaction.

Oh and that thing laying in front? I was watching hockey when BC came trotting out of the bedroom with a pair of my undies like it was no big deal. He has a bad, bad obsession with it. I find pairs laying EVERYWHERE all day long. Here he is laying out in the sun with a pair. Sorry if this offends anyone but its something I think others here can relate to.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its home day!

I love Thursdays. They are the days I go back home. They are my last day of work for the week This weekend we plan to do more of this:

yes I did post that same pic in my last post but I love it so much and it was buried at the bottom so I thought I would put it front and center :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

A lazy Sunday

First Mesa scouted out her favorite pile of pillows

Then BC scouted out his favorite Baily

Then, for the first time, while in a puppy pile, BC scouted out Mesa. Maybe he was just confused by all the white and brindle?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A trip to the dog beach

Since its been in the 80s here in LA we decided to take a trip to the ocean (which means it was only 70) so the pups could visit the beach. Mesa is a swimming fiend. Baily isn't too sure about it and BC has never been so we decided to go on a Friday since it would be less crowded.

We had tons of fun. Here are a few shots:

Mesa makes sure to get the water out of her ears
BC soaked up some sun
So did Baily
Mesa just wanted to play fetch
But she did take time to strike a pose
Big Carl practiced his creepster look
Mesa also took time to catch a wave
In all the entire family had fun

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mesa wants a bath, Baily keeps her attitude and BCs ears are too big for the camera

So the house we live in is old. Its actually an old boarding/writing building that was converted into 4 appts. While that means there is a ton of charm, it also means there are some interesting things like old door jams that don't let doors fully latch. Like a lot of dogs I know, Mesa enjoys trying to join people in the bathroom. When we close the door, she waits a moment and uses her head as a battering ram to see if the door is not fully latched. If shes lucky, the door swings open. As her luck would have it, it opened for her when the DH was in there earlier this week. Rather than sitting near the him, per her norm, she decided to climbed the step and hop into the bathtub (our bathtub is really deep) and sat there waiting for something to happen. I think she thought she was dirty or something...

Baily has decided to keep up her attitude when people take pictures of her, she was practicing out on our balcony

and the DH tried to capture BC but we just couldn't get his ears to stay in frame

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Almost

Everyone pick on Mesa!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Big Carl is a Creepster

Obviously I have been in LA too long :) But in all seriousness I don't know how better to describe it. Big Carl has decided that he wants to cuddle with Baily. Baily does not want to cuddle with Big Carl. So BC has gotten smart. He waits until Baily has settled in to a point where she won't be likely to move and then he gets up, runs over and hops on top of her. Even if it seems he is asleep, once Baily moves in to settle somewhere his ears perk right up (they are hard to miss). Mesa just sits back and is happy he doesn't consider her a cuddle buddy. She is only for wrestling with :) Besides, she already has her eye on someone else (hint hint Otis)

We need to find BC someone new to cuddle with who would appreciate his affection. Any takers?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Check out this cool place we visited!

Lost Dog Cafe How cool is this? Not only is the food awesome, but the money goes to support their rescue organization :) Sounds like a future business idea for me (for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know how much I cook when I am home)!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photos from the St. Pats event

So that even we went to a couple weeks ago where we won all the awesome stuff? There was a photographer there who took family pics. Here are my favorites (most are out takes but Baily was having a bit of attitude!)