Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mesa has worms :(

Ok here is my confession as a bad dog owner, Mesa has tapeworms. Let me explain. In Alaska there are no fleas, ticks or heartworms (for those of you in dog rescue or if you know a dog who has had them just think about that for a moment). For those reasons we have never had to prevent against them.
Upon moving to California I talked to our new vet about what needed to be done. We started monthly heartworm preventative and had flea/tick meds ready for the summer.
Alas, summer came around and it completely slipped our minds. I spent more time worrying about keeping the girls hydrated enough because we don't have AC and they had never seen temps above 75! When I took Mesa is two weeks ago to get her glands checked, the vet mentioned she saw some flea bites. It was then I remembered that I had not used the preventative! Yesterday we noticed worms and called the vet. They asked us to bring in a sample this am. So I got up bright and early and took a tip top baggie with me and acquired my sample, drove all the way to the vet and got Mesa's meds. Now we will always remember the preventative!
On a funny note, Mesa got into the trash last night so I had to tell the vet to ignore all the papertowls in her sample. Oops!

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Sam said...

It's okay, my Marge had tapeworms too at one point. I don't think they're prevented by the usual preventatives, at least not according to my vet.

No biggie! Glad you caught it.