Friday, July 17, 2009

The best things in life

The best thing in life? Walking through the door to smiling faces and wagging tails. Today Mesa decided that I should have her bone so she put it on my face when I was laying on the sofa.

I guess I should introduce the main characters of this blog, Baily and Mesa.

Baily was the first dog to join our family. We got her from rescue when she was only seven weeks old (2/9/07 is her birthday). She is a boxer/pit bull mix who grew up sleeping under my desk at work. Her hobbies include sleeping and snuggling.

Mesa was adopted three months later from animal control. Mesa was about 8 months when we got her so we picked 11/13/06 as her birthday. She is a pit bull/American bulldog mix who grew up in a crate (her first owners didn't socialize her or let her out much). Now that Mesa has discovered the wonder of balls we can't get her to stop playing fetch!

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