Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am not a good blogger

So I went out and bought the girls a new dog bed today. I love getting dog beds at Costco. A large bed is 20 bucks so I don't care if the dogs destroy it (which they do eventually!). We bought them a fancy bed a while back and it only lasted two weeks! We buy the large beds because the girls love to cuddle. Even if there are two beds available!


Life With Dogs said...

We do the same - one of the dogs is always tempted to take a bite of the bed at some point!

kevin said...

If you spray some bitter apple on the edges of the bed, they may not chew them up. It's worked well with ours and is completely safe. You can pick some up at your local pet store I'm sure. If you are looking for nice dog bed replacement covers, has some really nice ones. Plus, it allows you to help the environment by not throwing away all those Costco dog beds that just end up in our landfills and eventually sink into the soil or air and pollute the earth.